Theater Bonn

The Theater Bonn is a multifaceted, multi-discipline theatre, whose programme includes opera, drama, dance, comedy and theatre pedagogics. For the relaunch of this cultural project, it was therefore essential that the expectations of the various target groups were taken into account and that the relevant content could be found quickly and intuitively.

Analysis of the website traffic showed that 80% of users are interested in the schedule of the various sections of the house. So why should the user be directed to a dedicated "Program" section when the relevant content can be presented at an earlier stage? 

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One-Stop-Shop for content and tickets

The idea was to make the Home the central hub of the website. In order to significantly reduce the bounce rate, maximum visibility should be guaranteed for the overview of the current programme and the corresponding calendar directly when the site is accessed by the user. Thus an overview of the program is already displayed on the start page, which was implemented using vue.js and reacts extremely quickly. So every filter setting is rendered instantly without any page reload, which leads to a pleasant and smooth user experience. In addition, the navigation was reduced to the essentials to establish a clear structure.

Progressive disclosure

This 'progressive closure' approach not only focuses on the programme and calendar, but brings the user back to the Home, which is the main product, so to speak. By reducing the number of menu items to just a few and intuitively comprehensible ones, it only takes a few clicks to navigate to the desired content or functionality. For example, booking tickets can be achieved intuitively with just a few clicks. 

Programm Teaser  – Theater Bonn | Django, Django Framework, User Centered Design, Design, Mobile-First, Relaunch, Redesign, User-Experience Workshop, Responsive, Personas-Modellierung


In the months following the launch, the KPIs have developed in an exceptionally positive manner: The number of visits from mobile users has increased significantly, and their time spent on the site has more than doubled. The idea of making the Home the central hub of the website also succeeded: the bounce rate was reduced significantly. 

  • Client

    Theater Bonn

  • Project

  • Duration

    4 months

  • Go-Live


  • Team

    1 Projektmanager
    1 Designer
    2 Frontend-Entwickler
    1 Backend-Entwickler
    1 IT Operator

  • Systemwelt

    Theasoft (Distributionssoftware)
    DTS/Eventim (Ticketing-System)
    Python/Django (Webframework)
    Elasticsearch (Onsite Search Engine)
    Celery (Task-Management)
    Sentry (Error Tacking)