Landestheater Detmold

The Landestheater Detmold is the largest of the four regional theaters in North Rhine-Westphalia and the only one with a musical theater ensemble. The multi-genre theater has an eventful history, which began with the founding of a court theater by Prince Leopold II in 1825. The house, which was rebuilt after a fire and expanded several times, now has five venues and is the largest traveling stage in Europe. For the relaunch of the website, the various sections and activities were to be brought together under one roof and made accessible to visitors quickly and easily. The entire site had to be mobile first and barrier-free.

Event calendar becomes the central navigation point

Analyses of user behaviour showed that the event calendar of the multi-discipline house is the focus of user interest. Within the architecture of the website, this focus on the event calendar is turned into the central navigation point and supplemented by a reduced and clear menu navigation. Both measures ensure intuitive user guidance, which reveals further levels of content with every click.

Digital to print

As part of the change of director, the company was given a revised corporate design, which first manifested itself in the relaunch of the website and then in a second step in print publications. With the relaunch, the events will be staged in a much more emotional way using large-scale visual worlds.


For the relaunch, the focus of the navigation has been on one central navigation point - the calendar of events. This way, all event-related content ( categories, productions, information on performances and subscriptions) could be located together and, for example, the often inconvenient process of purchasing tickets was implemented in a pleasant and efficient way for the user. We emotionalized the detailed views of events with large videos and slideshows and optimized mobile user experiences with responsive web technologies. A clear, well-designed site with significantly improved user journeys.

  • Client

    Landestheater Detmold GmbH

  • Project

  • Duration

    6 months

  • Go-Live

    August 2019

  • Team

    1 Project Manager
    1 Designer
    1 Frontend-Developers
    1 Backend Developer

  • Systemwelt

    KOKOS.event (Distributionssoftware)
    reservix (Ticketing-System)
    Python/Django (Webframework)
    Celery (Task-Management)
    Sentry (Error Tacking)