MIR is in the Top 10 of the most creative digital agencies in Germany

Cologne, April 2022

Top! In 10th place in the BVDW Creative Ranking 2021

Wow! We are in the top 10 of the most creative digital agencies in Germany. We're thrilled and extremely proud - of our great team and our wonderful clients, with whom we've been able to realize such extraordinary projects.

Back in 2020, we were ranked by the BVDW, then in 21st place, among the 30 most creative agencies in Germany. A lot has happened since then! Our work has earned us 426 creative points in the awards considered by the BVDW: Deutscher Digital Award, Deutscher Preis für Onlinekommunikation, Lovie Awards, Red Dot Award, Webby Awards, ADC and Annual Multimedia Award. This means we probably have the most creative points per employee in Germany.

The objective of the BVDW creative rankings is to create transparency and comparability annually with regard to the best digital creative services and digital agencies within the German digital landscape. 19 of the most relevant awards for digital creation are evaluated each year, creative points are awarded, and the ranking positions are determined in this way.

We are very happy about the jump of eleven places! Especially against the background of the Corona crisis. The awards and jury statements show that the quality of digital creative work is consistently high, perhaps even higher than before the pandemic. What has changed significantly, however, is the collaboration between client and agency. The most obvious change is that the interaction has become even more digital. For us, this has worked especially well because we have applied a very simple trick, or rather, we have placed even more emphasis on: working together with the client as partners on equal footing. Sounds like a truism, but it works wonders in our daily exchanges!

Trick two is to always keep in mind what it's all about: creating added value for the user. In other words, to put the user, who we know from our UX measures, at the center of our work again and again.

We create websites not (only) for customers but especially for the customers' customers.

- Oliver Priester

Top 50 most creative agencies in Germany

We are also represented in the PAGE Ranking 2022 of creative advertising agencies in 27th place. Every year, the renowned magazine for design evaluates the results of nine leading creative competitions and presents Germany's top 50 creative agencies and design offices on this basis. 

We are so pleased with the fantastic placements in the BVDW and Page rankings because they are proof that we have made the right creative, analytical and technical decisions together with our customers - and for their users. 

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