Oper Leipzig

Oper Leipzig stands in the tradition of over 325 years of musical theater in Leipzig. For the new season 2022/23 Tobias Wolff takes over as the new artistic director and the corporate identity of the multi-genre house was revised in terms of content and visuals. Against this background, we created the relaunch of the new website. The focus lies on the transformation from the three previous sections to the five new pillars opera, musical comedy, ballet, craft and 360° music education.

Convenience and Joy of Use

The core principle of the relaunch is a consistently user-centered information architecture that emphasizes the individual pillars, but assigns central importance to the event calendar. The Eventim Ticketing Shop was connected to the website with a smooth transition, without users noticing the break. In addition, a multifunctional self-care area with ticket exchange, favorites & watchlist was realized and merged with the web store login via single sign-on. This guarantees the best possible convenience and joy of use for visitors to the website.

The magazine

The new, prominently positioned magazine section can display longer content and offers users an individual experience consisting of videos and articles. The result is a content-based platform that thrives on cross-links to productions, events, and artists. With appropriate hashtags, content can be collected and grouped. 

The new design required a complete rebuild of the frontend. We took this opportunity to introduce the new Nuxt Page Editor, which on the one hand enables the declination of the new design and on the other hand offers the editors even more comfort and efficiency. Content can now be planned, designed and published even more individually.

Purposefully used animation effects implement the new corporate identity: handwritten effects and animated, scribbled arrows associate work processes and convey the core values of proximity, processuality and storytelling.

"Taking opera off its pedestal"

Insight and proximity, simplicity and storytelling are central values that are to be transported on the new website. The claim "360° Discover" invites the audience to rediscover the Leipzig Opera.

A lively arrangement of content provides a collage effect and evokes associations with a wall newspaper, skilfully staging the principles of "taking opera off its pedestal" and "conveying proximity".


With the relaunch of the Opera Leipzig based on the new CI of the design agency Formdusche, a content-driven website was created that offers exciting stories for visitors, is comfortable to use and also highly performant. Thanks to the newly built NUXT frontend, only the data that is really needed to render a single page is transferred to the user (no more overhead of CSS and Javascript libraries). The page speed of the website reaches top marks, which is beneficial for users and SEO alike. It also allows for pages that perform fluidly and offer a high quality UX. There are no more hard, slow page loads, each click immediately reloads data asynchronously. A modern designed, well structured and easy-to-use website.

  • Client

    Oper Leipzig

  • Project


  • Duration

    8 months

  • Go-Live

    September 2022

  • Team

    1 Projektmanager
    1 UX Designer
    2 UI Designer
    2 Frontend Developer
    1 Backend Developer
    1 IT Operator

  • Systemwelt

    Theasoft (Distribution Software)
    DTS/Eventim (Ticketing-System)
    Python/Django (Backend Webframework)
    Nuxt.js/vue.js (Frontend Framework)
    Elasticsearch (Onsite Search Engine)
    Celery (Task-Management)
    Sentry (Error Tacking)