HBK Essen

HBK Essen is a state-approved private university for art and design. In the course of the relaunch, the new website was deliberately designed to present information in an emotional and accessible way and to attract new students. Young people should be made less hesitant to get in touch with the university. In addition, interested parties can find out quickly and comprehensively about the range of courses on offer and find out how best to prepare for the qualifying examination. The focus of the new site is on moving images, graphics and photographs in order to present the wide range of courses offered by the Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Essen adequately and in a way that is suitable for the target group.

Adapting the new CD

In 2019, new design degree programs were accredited by the ministry. As part of this, the university was repositioned and given a new corporate design by Parole, Munich. This CD had to be adapted and a new website with an emotional look & feel developed.

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Emotional depth

The intro film at the beginning of the site appeals to visitors emotionally and conveys anticipation of the wide-ranging study program. Those who go deeper will quickly find the different study programs, each with its own color scheme and visual language. Information about the curriculum, the course of studies, and detailed information are always presented from the applicant's point of view. The different user journeys are simple and efficient.


The website combines the emotional and accessible presentation of content with a high level of information. The wide-ranging content is designed to be quick and easy to find for different user groups. Contacts of interested users are registered for conversion optimization. A few months after the launch, 30% more potential students have already sought personal counseling, there were 50% more participants in the portfolio workshop and twice as many in the trial student day. Overall, the university has 30% more students than in the year before the relaunch.

  • Client

    HBK Essen

  • Project


  • Duration

    6 months

  • Go-Live


  • Team

    1 Projektmanager
    1 Designer
    1 Frontend-Entwickler
    1 Backend-Entwickler
    1 IT Operator

  • Systemwelt

    Python/Django (Webframework)
    Celery (Task-Management)
    Sentry (Error Tacking)